Compact controller with 2 CAN interfaces

The universal usable compact controller is equipped with a performant 32-Bit microcontroller. The b-CANCubeMicro was designed especially for the use in mobile machines and vehicles.

Bus communication:

Two CAN-Interfaces e.g. for the connection to other controllers and CAN control interfaces.

Four multifunctional inputs

The inputs offer the flexibility to use them as voltage measurement 0-32V and digital inputs.

Robust mechanical housing

The closed housing design withstands even the most adverse conditions in the outdoor area of mobile applications. Regardless of whether it is cold, hot or damp, the housing offer the best protection for the electronic inside.

Free programmable

An user-friendly C-API enables easy entry into programming.  


4 Digital inputs
1 Sensor supply output


2 CAN bus interfaces


Free programmable in C


Robust mechanics and
easy mounting


Extended operating
temperature range



Technical data

Operating temperature -40 … +80°C
Housing PA12 (Polyamid), black
Dimensions 104 x 29 x 72 mm (WxHxD)
Protection class IP65
Qualification CE, E-mark ECE-R10, AEF ISO11783
Power supply 8 ... 32 V DC, internal polarity protection
Processor CORTEX M4 32bit
Memory 1,5MB Flash, 320kB RAM, 16kB FRAM
Programming environment ST Atollic TrueSTUDIO® SDK User friendly C-API with help file and example codes
Bus connection 2 CAN-Bus (High-Speed) acc. ISO 11898-2
Inputs 4 inputs, parametrizable as - Voltage messurement 0-32V 12bit resolution, accuracy 3% FS, Internal resistance 114kOhm - Digital – Low-Side (Plus signal measurement), Internal resistance 114kOhm
Output 1 Output - Digital High-Side (Plus switching) e.g. for sensor supply (max. 1,5A) Protection against short circuit and excess temperature, diagnostic capability
Cabling Customer specific cabling

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