b-plus automotive receives the Innovation Prize of the city of Deggendorf

13 applicants, many innovative ideas and one prize: In November 2019 b-plus automotive GmbH was awarded the Innovation Prize of the city of Deggendorf.

The Innovation Prize is awarded every two years for outstanding and innovative achievements of the city of Deggendorf. In 2019, b-plus automotive GmbH received the award for the "Connectivity Solution": A software product that is used in automotive pre-development and enables faster development cycles.

True to the motto "Innovation means developing today what the world of tomorrow needs." Markus Obermaier, a leading employee who was involved from the very beginning of the product development, presented the relevance of this software solution. Because in order to enable so-called "autonomous driving", countless petabytes of data are needed so that the systems can be tested sufficiently for series production.

The collection of these raw sensor data can lead to all kinds of complications, such as the failure of a measurement technology component or a full memory unit. In addition, the effort required to manage a "test fleet", including maintenance work, software updates or campaign planning, costs a great deal of time, which customers would prefer to invest in the development of new systems.

With the Connectivity Solution, customers can not only manage several fleets on one platform and plan their further actions in campaigns, but also perform OTA updates and monitor the measurement technology during a test drive worldwide.

Therefore, b-plus automotive GmbH has set itself the task of continuing to develop software tools with which its customers can bring their systems safely and quickly into series production. Always one step ahead to master the hurdles of tomorrow.

Further information about the Innovation Prize ceremony can be found here: