Recordings of the Data Sushi Lessons online

Watch now the videos of the webinar series "The Data Sushi Lessons" by b-plus and its partners Bertrandt, Deutronic, IBM, Incenda AI and Zukunft Mobility (ZF).

On February 09-10, 2021, b-plus hosted "Data Sushi Lessons" with webinars around the exquisite components for autonomous driving development tools and ADAS functionalities. 

The speakers presented how raw sensor data is collected, stored, processed, rendered, and simulated into valid and meaningful test data. They also demonstrated further process steps in raw data management such as precise test vehicle setup and advanced fleet management.

Watch the webinars in full length now. The following topics were presented with our partners Bertrandt, Deutronic, IBM, Incenda AI and Zukunft Mobility (ZF):

  • Why data collection of Raw and Meta data combined is significant
  • The pitfalls of developing a total solution for test setups of ADAS/AD test carriers and test vehicles. What challenges do subsystems such as HMI, power supply and cooling pose?
  • How test fleet efficiency vastly increases through the use of meta data
  • The important role of the high voltage converter in the vehicle electrical system and its provided data of the power supply
  • HiL-based validation of automotive radar ECUs with specific test system architectures
  • How high-performance Ethernet switching technology enhances the ADAS/AD development toolchain
  • Advantages of a consistent HiL strategy and the differences of open and closed loops
  • Big Data management and how to keep it scalable, flexible, but also cost optimized
  • What data enrichment and smart recording enhance based on AI methods
  • How the pre-selection of quality data improves the efficiency of data sets already during the recording by using AI algorithms

Visit the Data Sushi Lessons event page to view the presentations.

For more information around the topics of developing autonomous driving and tools for capturing and processing automotive measurement data, feel free to contact us. We are also looking forward to your feedback on our first Data Sushi Lessons. Thank you in advance!