Efficient raw data recording using measurement technology and data recording platforms

The measurement platform BRICK was specially developed for the recording of raw data with high bandwidth from sensors and ECUs during test drives. It is particularly convincing due to its high interface diversity, high data throughput and a consistently open system concept. From high-performance hardware to the appropriate software – we offer the right, coordinated components for your individual recording application – all from one source from b-plus.

Whether BRICKplus, BRICK2 or BRICK25 – the BRICK series is based on a modular system with numerous add-ons and storage options, which you can configure according to your requirements and use cases. Thus, we guarantee you additional flexibility with add-ons such as the SPC add-on for PCIe cards or the BMC add-on, which enables interfaces to CAN-FD or FlexRay. Due to the extensive compatibility of the individual modules in the BRICK system, the platform offers you a future-proof investment. The open system concept allows the integration into further AVETO components, your own software packages or even third-party systems.

The entire ADAS system solution can be installed in the vehicle with very little installation space and cabling thanks to its compact rack design. Thanks to its robust design, it is specially designed for harsh environmental conditions.

Especially in the ADAS/AD area, an exactly time-synchronous recording of data is necessary. All BRICKs support completely synchronous recording of raw and bus data thanks to the Time Synchronization Software XTSS from b-plus. The BRICK is synchronized both internally via the hardware and externally via Ethernet interfaces. With XTSS you get a precise time correlation of the data packets of your connected sensors and thus form the basis for a meaningful fusion of measurement data.