Fast and easy copying of sensor data

b-plus presents latest data copy station COPYLynx ATX4 for handling large storage data

The COPYLynx ATX4 data copy station was specially developed for the transfer of multi-sensor data to data centers. There, the data can subsequently be further processed for SiL and HiL simulation procedures, the development of algorithms or other procedures in sensor development.

COPYLynx ATX4 ensures efficient and reliable data transfer and especially facilitates the handling of very large storage data. This powerful solution enables fast data upload with high integrity. Multiple 10 and 100 Gbit interfaces enable synchronous data transfer for up to 6 STORAGEs simultaneously.

Furthermore, the copy station is suitable for various use cases. Integrated hash algorithms and a powerful CPU ensure data integrity at all times. The solution is highly compatible with a wide range of media and thus offers maximum flexibility.

A key advantage of the COPYLynx data copy station is its ease of use. It allows copying files from any source to any destination – either manually triggered or fully autonomous with predefined configuration profiles. No PC connection, peripherals or software configuration are required for operation.

"With the COPYLynx data copy station, we offer our customers an innovative solution to facilitate the handling of large storage data," says Roland Peindl, Product Manager at b-plus. "Our customers can rely on reliable and secure data transfer and benefit from easy integration into their existing systems."

The COPYLynx ATX4 data copy station is available from now. For further information and contact to our contact persons, please visit the product website.