Series Announcement for Windows driver bRAWcap

Software solution for efficient tapping and replay on 10G Ethernet interfaces available in full-featured version from October

Deggendorf, September 12, 2023 - With the new Windows driver bRAWcap, b-plus offers a solution for efficient tapping and replaying of data packets on 10G Ethernet interfaces. Due to the optimization, very high data rates can be processed with minimal CPU resource usage under Windows for the first time. Information such as VLAN tags as well as receive and transmit timestamps during data transport become accessible with the driver.

When recording raw data on 10G Ethernet interfaces, drivers under Windows reach their limits. When handling high data rates, the CPU can be overloaded. Several sources of error exist, such as packet loss or an unstable system. Such scenarios represent an unnecessary waste of time. With the b-plus driver bRAWcap they can be easily solved and avoided.

bRAWcap makes it possible to get the most out of the existing Windows software and related software packages. The move to Linux is therefore not necessary. The driver can be easily retrofitted and seamlessly integrated into the Windows software environment. Operation is possible immediately.

A key feature of bRAWcap is the ability to operate at OSI layer 2. Users gain insight down to the Ethernet level and can view optional VLAN tags (IEEE 802.1Q). To enable temporal correlation of packets, receive and transmit timestamps are also generated for each packet when available. Raw data capturing is not possible with standard Windows drivers.

User-defined byte masks can be used to easily filter packets, enable or disable packet tapping, and forward the desired data to the network stack. Dynamic configuration enables optimal adjustment to the given environment.

The bRAWcap will be in series as of mid-October. The demo version of the driver is already available.

More information and the free demo version are provided on the product website of the bRAWcap.