Cloud-based fleet management system - specially created for the requirements of your test vehicles!

CONiX Testfleet Solution from b-plus - more than just a common fleet management system.

Fleet management is an important aspect of dealing with test vehicles in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of test vehicle operations. Test vehicles are used not only for research and development projects, but also for complete vehicle fleets to meet a wide variety of goals, such as recording data for validation and development of new functions. In this context, a well-organized fleet management system can be useful to optimize the use of test vehicles and to increase the dedicated availability of data. Important features of a test fleet management system are:


  • The labelling process enables the individual creation of relevant metadata and a direct provision of information on dedicated driving scenes.
  • Thanks to the status display of the vehicles, we can immediately detect occurring system failures and avoid potential downtimes
  • The issue tracker reduces fault conditions to a minimum while minimizing administrative effort


By using fleet management systems, test vehicles can be used more effectively, resulting in higher productivity. Fleet managers can monitor and manage the use of test vehicles to ensure they are used efficiently and do not  cause unnecessary costs. Typical management tasks include:


  • Campaign management enables targeted planning and implementation of driving campaigns as well as precise evaluation and optimization of campaign objectives
  • Journey management ensures a complete overview of test drives carried out at any time and enables a quick evaluation of test drive quality for targeted optimization
  • Component management allows you to always keep an overview of the vehicle set-up and at the same time reduces the administrative effort to a minimum
  • Version management reliably detects outdated or incorrect system versions and thus effectively prevents test drives with faulty software versions.


In addition, test fleet management systems can help to enable bi-directional communication between managers and drivers. This ensures that drivers operate vehicles safely and responsibly. This can help clarify instructions and queries immediately, tag special situations early and manage potential breakdowns immediately.


  • The chat function of the fleet management system enables effective and fast communication between the drivers and the dispatching department
  • Precise site localisation of a fleet allows to ensure efficient and flexible planning
  • Bi-directional data transfer between vehicle and backend for live transmission of individual metadata and files, configuration of the test setup, execution of updates and, along with this, minimization of maintenance efforts


In summary, cloud-based fleet management systems for test vehicles are of great importance as they can help improve efficiency, productivity, safety and environmental friendliness. By using fleet management systems, test vehicle operators can optimize their resources while meeting the needs of their customers.


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