COPYLynx encrypts test data from the test drive to the cloud

New software version of the COPYLynx system enables encryption of valuable data during vehicle testing

b-plus launches its new software version of the COPYLynx system, a data copy station that enables the encryption of valuable data during vehicle testing. Both disk decryption and file-level encryption before transfer from the vehicle to the data center or cloud are now in the feature set.

The COPYLynx from b-plus is used to transfer multi-sensor test data from test vehicles to data centers of automotive manufacturers and Tier1s. For data security of the raw data, encryption can be configured via the web interface. The entire encryption and copying process can then be handled automatically.

"Test data captured with our AVETO Toolbox is sensitive development data" explains Adrian Bertl, Team Leader Product Marketing at b-plus technologies. "With this update, we offer a building block to protect test data during the transport from the vehicle to the data center."

Different equipment variants enable the use directly in the vehicle as well as in the data center. For data encryption, this version of the COPYLynx supports Bitlocker and Microsoft Azure Volumes at the data carrier level, and OpenSSL with the AES256CBC algorithm at the file level. After transfer, the multi-sensor data can be used directly for further processing for SiL and HiL simulation procedures.

The new software version for the platform is available now.

For more information about COPYLynx, please visit the product page.