Data ingest from the vehicle to the cloud or data center

During a test drive, an immense amount of data is collected - sometimes several terabytes per vehicle per day. This data should reach the developer for analysis as soon as possible so that validation can be advanced quickly or the AI model can be trainedon the basis of the new data. This is often challenging because individual test centers are spread around the world and bandwidth between data centers and the garages for data upload is limited. It therefore makes sense to implement a physical transport of data.

This requires robust and sophisticated storage solutions for the vehicle with a high permanent write rate, which can be read out as automatically as possible. When transferring data from the vehicle environment to the company network, it is important that topics such as data protection and encryption are also covered. This ensures that the valuable measurement data does not get lost or falsified.

We offer a modular product portfolio with data storages for the vehicle and automated readout to the data center or the cloud. This forms your custom-fit solution for data ingest.


Copy station for automatic import into the data center and the cloud



High-performance computing platform with up to two BRICK cartridge add-ons


BRICK Thunder Dock

Thunderbolt Docking Station for BRICK Cartridges



Removable storage units with up to 128 TB capacity