Two worlds collide

Training and executing neural networks with large amounts of data requires enormous computing power, which is typically found in a data center. Frameworks and software like Tensorflow, Caffe or Matlab, libraries like Pandas, Numpy or Pytorch paired with container technologies like Docker are set up and work in the lab. So far everything is clear!

But in the vehicle?

There you will face new challenges of a different kind. Suddenly, limited installation space, extreme ambient temperatures, as well as strong vibrations and shocks play a role that server systems cannot meet.

DATALynx vehicle servers

Our DATALynx series is designed to meet the difficult balancing act between performance and robustness during testing and validation of sensor systems. It is specifically designed for demanding in-vehicle applications, while delivering the exceptional performance expected in the data center. Whether it's a megabrain for AI and image processing or a data kraken for recording with many interfaces.

We bring worlds together with the DATALynx Series and unleash the power onto the road.


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Datacenter Performance

The vehicle server transfers the power of a data center into the vehicle. 

GPU Performance

Optimized for Image and signal processing as well as neural networks (AI).


Various configurations possible - flexible to the requirements.

Safety at operation

Designed for robustness and operation with the on-board power network

Platform for data harvesting

Data collection of multiple sensor data streams is a typical task during development of vehicle sensors. This is a simplified example how DATALynx can be used for aggregating and at the same time processing multible source data streams.

Data Processing Platform

Prototyping algorithms and processing images is often needed during the first steps of developing a sensor based system. An additional task would be live pre-labeling and filtering of scenarios live during test drive. See following simplified setup for online analysis and processing.

DATALynx ATX4 in the AVETO Toolchain

Watch the video to learn how DATALynx ATX4 fits seamlessly into the AVETO toolchain as an element for analysis for in-vehicle use and visualizing raw sensor data.



compact platform

The compact one: Powerful graphic card for complex visualizations in small design

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With storage Add-On

The all-rounder: The combination of concentrated performance with integrated memory for data logging

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With mobile data lake

The data aggregate: Acquisition and storage of large amounts of data at data center speed 

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GPU Performance

The intelligent one: Configuration for up to four dedicated graphic cards for parallel computing, image processing and neuronal networks.

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In-Vehicle Recording

Analysis of sensor raw data

Replay | Simulation of sensor raw data

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