In-Vehicle Recording: Recording of sensor raw data for camera, radar and lidar data

For the development, test and validation of ECUs and vehicle systems for driver assistance (ADAS) and automated driving its indispensable to harvest data and to realize a real world test drive. The function blocks of AVETO.recording deliver a seamless and future proof measurement solution for the decoupling, transport and recording of sensor raw data from the sensor frontend to the datacenter or the cloud.

MDS-Measurement Data Services

ECU Software Component streams OS trace and algorithm insights

Measurement Data Interface - MDILink

Converts Serial Sensor raw data to Ethernet

Recorder Platform BRICK

Platform for high sensor bandwidth

Recording Software

Recording Software for sensor data

Visualization Software

Visualization framework for sensor data

CONiX Testfleet Solution

Cloud-based management of test fleets

Data Ingestion - COPYLynx

Platform for data ingestion into data center


Network storage unit designed for mobile SAN applications






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