AVETO - Validation Toolchain for Sensor Raw Data

Thinking of a complete solution for the validation of raw sensor data in the area of ​​ADAS, the tendency of the amounts of data that arise for real-time processing is increasing rapidly. Existing processes in function development paired with the mentioned data volume require adequate technologies and a reliable tool chain that must be scalable but also flexible for future-oriented requirements. Topics such as data integrity testing in the test vehicle during data acquisition, mechanisms for time synchronization and sensor HIL systems offer OEMs and Tier1s the opportunity to master and reuse the data and thus to start test processes earlier and to make them more effective.

As a pioneer of new mobility, b-plus shows what a complete and consistent ADAS validation chain looks like. The AVETO Validation Toolchain offers a complete system consisting of recorder, measurement technology adapter and the new visualization framework for the entire validation process for the recording, analysis and processing of many sensors, e.g. cameras, lidar or radars.

Mastering the data sovereign and being able to start test processes earlier is just one goal of the AVETO solution.

Get a first overview of the 3 functional areas and the newest products in the following videos and contact us for your individual solution.

Station 1: In Vehicle Data Recording

Data Lake storage solution for the vehicle

As essential part of the AVETO Toolchain, a development toolchain for developing cameras, radars and lidars for autonomous driving functions, MDLake supports during recording of data harvesting in the vehicle. Complex setups of level 4 and level 5 automated test cars have an immense amount of data to collect. In these setups more than one data loggers are used, which have each data storage at its own. This data has to be brought to the data center after the test drive, which is a pretty complex task.

Watch the video to see how this can be mastered and learn about the MDLake, the unique data lake for the vehicle.

Get deeper technical information on the product page.

Station 2: Analysis of Sensor Data

Data Center Performance brought to the vehicle

DATALynx is an important part of AVETO Toolchain – a development toolchain for developing cameras, radars, and lidars for autonomous driving functions. It is mainly used for the analysis of sensor data in the vehicle. Main tasks for the DATALynx platform is algorithm development, execution of AI and data harvesting. Typical setups for raw sensor data analysis require a flexible configuration and data center performance packed in the harsh environment of a vehicle.

Watch the video and learn how you overcome these challenges and get an overview of DATALynx ATX4, the newest generation of vehicle servers.

More detailed information please find at the product page.

Station 3: Replay and Simulation

Sensor data reinjection – Hardware-in-the-Loop

b-HiL – as part of the AVETO toolchain - enables the test for cameras and radars, during simulation of sensor data. When dealing with harvested raw data of sensorics its very important to test the developed ECU software at an early stage to gain findings. It is also a challenge to replay raw data time synchronized from many sources, CAN or Automotive Ethernet and various sensor data streams.

Watch the video to get a short overview of b-HiL, and learn about the benefits and features of this Hardware-in-the-Loop test system.

More detailed information please find at the product page.

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