Open and flexible measurement technology platform meets reliable raw data logger

AVETO.dps combines the stability of a classic data logger with the flexibility of an open platform in one device


Deggendorf, November 24, 2023 - AVETO.dps is designed as a complete and integrated system that transforms b-plus measurement technology platforms such as BRICK or DATALynx ATX4 into a powerful raw data logger. It is ideal for users who need a robust and precise raw data logging solution without sacrificing the flexibility of a vehicle computer for development.


High-speed data acquisition and forwarding meets open system architecture

At the heart of AVETO.dps is the processing and recording of high data rates in the 100 Gbit/s performance class. The integrity and protection of valuable data is guaranteed at all times thanks to an integrated rights management for the storage.

The virtualized operating system creates an isolated, secure, and open environment for processing and visualization. Data streams can be received and processed there using middleware and frameworks that can be freely installed by the customer. The return channel and storage on the data memory parallel to the recorded raw data on the storage is also possible. The core functions of the recorder are not affected by this, which means that continuous data acquisition can be established even during intensive processing.


Resource management and system stability

A key aspect of AVETO.dps is the architecture with a virtualization solution that enables the allocation of different hardware resources to different operating systems within a single system. This promotes resource segregation and ensures high stability and reliability. Users also benefit from the ability to seamlessly switch between different operating systems within the system without the need to reboot the recorder.


Extensive data source support

The system supports a wide range of data sources such as Ethernet, CAN (FD), LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet and SerDes sources such as GMSL and FPDLink. This diversity makes AVETO.dps a comprehensive solution for collecting, recording, and analyzing data from almost any technology installed in the vehicle.


Open data formats

AVETO.dps supports advanced file formats such as the open PCAPNG and the ASAM-specified MDF4 format. These formats also offer broad tool support and high compatibility in the subsequent processing chain.


Highly accurate time synchronization

The integrated XTSS time synchronization service ensures precise time stamping of the data packets and is crucial for highly accurate correlation of the data in further processing.


A milestone in the world of raw data logging

With its advanced technology and intuitive user interface, AVETO.dps offers a unique combination of performance, flexibility, and reliability, making it a comprehensive solution in the field of raw data logging. AVETO.dps sets new standards in terms of data integrity and processing and positions itself as a unique solution on the market.


AVETO.dps will be available from the beginning of December. Further information about the product can be found on the product website.